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I've been fortunate to have many places I call 'home' - my background as a California native with British roots led me on a journey that spanned continents, through numerous countries, with each experience enriching my perspective and instilling a deep appreciation for the concept of homeownership - and ultimately landing me here, in sunny and serene Santa Cruz, CA, where the mountains meet the sea.
I studied Sociology at community college before moving on to pursue a passion for Interior Design and Architecture at UC Davis. These diverse academic experiences provided me with a unique foundation from which to build my career; blending insights into human motivations and behaviors, spatial design principles, and the art of creating functional and aesthetically-rich environments. I co-managed a local paint and construction company for over 10 years, served as the marketing director for a prominent real estate agency in town, and spent countless hours designing and renovating unique and underused spaces to showcase their highest potential.
I am honored for the opportunity to marry my love for design with my passion for helping my clients navigate their lifetime investments in real estate. I work closely with you to ensure that your needs are met and your aspirations are realized, and I am thrilled to offer my expertise in an area that has always held immense importance to me - homeownership. I look forward to sharing this same enthusiasm with you.
Your partner in real estate,
Pema Sinclair

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Whether buying or selling, Ace Woods delivers service beyond comparison. She provides custom real estate planning solutions for all stages of life. Ace works closely with each of her clients to find their dream property, and negotiates the best deal. When listing a property, Ace maximizes each property’s market value with her unparalleled marketing strategy and resources.

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